About us


I LOVE PLANTS!  I love being connected to nature, nurturing the plants to grow and provide, and witnessing the cycle of life.  Because plants have provided so much for my life, it is my mission to share it with my community.  Every single child and adult should know the miracle of plants and have access to gardens and healthy plant-based foods.  A portion of every sale will go to a local non-profit organization who provides garden education and promotes a plant-centered lifestyle to schools and communities.  

We specialize in drought tolerant and general ornamentals — grown seasonally to get you the strongest and healthiest plants.  These plants are grown with meticulous care from a seedling to a young plant.  Our seedlings are sourced from the top horticulturists which provide us with the most viable specimens.



Hi! I am Dr. Nicola Nakase, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and it is my mission is to rebuild the connection between people and plants in this modern society.  From years of being a physical therapist in the western health care system, I saw the grave faults in our way of thinking about health and wellness.  Patients often came into the clinic with chronic multi-faceted pains and injuries.  Most people just wanted to be ‘fixed’ and never wanted to see the real root of the problem because it took too much effort and time. They did not realize that their aches and pains were just the symptoms of something much deeper going on in their bodies.  These people never gave their bodies a chance to heal and were in a chronic state of inflammation.  These people with chronic pain often sat statically in an office all-day long and lost a significant amount of their mobility and movement in their body.  More importantly, they ate the Standard American Diet which is riddled with processed, unnatural food causing an unhealthy imbalance in our cells and creating a lot of diseases in our bodies.


I was guilty of eating that Standard American Diet which led me down a path of being overweight, chronic acid reflux, and general fatigue.  Recently, I underwent a health transformation which opened my eyes to the importance of diet.  During my annual physical, my doctor told me that I had borderline high blood pressure.  She suggested that I lose weight, or I will need to start taking blood pressure medication.  From my experience of working with patients, I saw what happened when you start taking a medication for one problem.  It typically turns into 5 other medications to deal with the side effects of the first medication you started taking, and it was a horrible slippery slope from then on.  So I decided to take my fate into my own hands and started eating a plant-based diet and exercising everyday. 


Changing to a plant-based diet wasn’t easy, but it was the best thing I ever did for myself.  After 2 weeks, I felt completely detoxed and saw how important it was to make this my lifestyle.  After 1 month of eating plant-based and exercising, I returned to the doctor 20 lbs lighter, aches and pains gone, and blood pressure and cholesterol totally normal.  The doctor encouraged me to continue with the diet, but find a happy-medium with my diet so I didn’t feel so deprived.  To date I have lost 40 lbs, and eat plant-based about 80% of the time. 


This transformation made me realize that I lost my connection with nature, and that is what made me so sick and have so much pain.  I realized we should all get in sync with the earth, and use what it naturally provides for us.   Daily walks outside seeing trees and hills helps me to relax mentally.  Eating organic non-GMO vegetables and fruits helped me to shed fat, eliminate toxins, and decrease my blood pressure and cholesterol.  Like everyone says today, I used "food as medicine."  Before I started this plant-based diet, I didn't think it would make much of a difference health-wise and I thought I would hate eating this way.  But the reality is that it has been 5 months of eating this way.  I have never felt better mentally and physically.  


I started to change my mindset, speak up more, and set bigger goals for myself.  After 16 years of being a physical therapist and 8 years of schooling invested, I decided to leave my career as a physical therapist to heal my community in a different way.  I believe in the fact that "food is medicine," and I want people to take their health and wellness into their own hands, make good decisions for themselves, and live their best life.