Make your garden edible!

What's better than harvesting fresh fruit from your own trees?  Not only will these trees add shade and beauty to your yard, but they will provide for you and your family.  One of our growers has a variety of gorgeous semi-dwarf deciduous fruit trees which includes apple, peach, cherry, pear, apricot, nectarine, and plum trees. These semi-dwarf trees will mature to about 12-15 feet.

With proper care and maintenance, these trees should bear fruit in 2-4 years.  Then you will have a wonderful harvest every year to use for cooking, baking and trading/ sharing with friends.

Sign up for our Plant Hotlist and see what inventory is in stock!  Prices start at $25.55 for a 5 gallon semi-dwarf tree.

Honey Crisp Apple Tree 

Satsuma Plum Tree

Stella Cherry Tree