Bougainvillea are Bloomin'

I was able to visit one of the growers this week to check inventory, and the Bougainvillea's are AMAZING!!! They are in full bloom and gorgeous. The growers had a whole greenhouse full of Barbara Karst, San Diego Red, and Royal Purple.  You can just get lost in the color.... it was insanely beautiful.  

The deep pinks and purple kept me staring for almost an hour in the greenhouse.  We were able to gain access to bougainvillea vines on stakes in 5 gallon containers ($21.05) and bougainvillea 'patio trees' in 3 gallon containers ($28.40).


If you have an area of your garden that needs a splash of color, you must get your hands on some bougainvillea. You can cover up a fence or romanticize your pergola or trellis.  Here is a great article on how to get your bougainvillea to climb.